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This application functions as a basic TCP/IP port mapper and web proxy server. It allows you to route TCP/IP data and connections from one PC to another via a middleman PC, where the middleman PC did not originally have this capability.

It will allow you to

Supports binding to multiple IP addresses, map multiple IP address:ports to a single destination IP address:port (new!).
Browse the web
Connect to Internet chat services such as IRC,
Check your POP3 email directly without needing an actual mail server running on your LAN,
Send mail via SMTP, without needing a server on your LAN,
Read and respond to newsgroups,
Map any available TCP/IP port on one PC to any other available TCP/IP port on another PC (e.g. forwarding a telnet session, VoIP),
Protect your privacy by chaining several of these applications together across several networks. No one will be able to trace you, since the buck stops at the last machine in the list!
It can forward requests to just about any TCP/IP based proxy you might need.

Due to popular demand, it also includes a Windows NT/2000 Service version, as well as a new HTTP/HTTPS (SSL) web and secure browsing proxy for regular web browsing as well as secure access to online resources such as banking.

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