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Why do you need claviscom DATA DRIVE?

If you still think, no one can mess with your saved files. Then you don’t need to encode this. Nowadays information is very delicately handled, wheather it be email addresses or company secrets. Access can be broken into by hackers over the internet or in a company through a curious co-worker. Stolen hard disk, lost labtops, and computer technicians carry a big risk. This can be trouble when confidential information falls in the wrong hands. What happens when a co-worker saves important encoded information and he/she gets sick or is fired from the company? For this, the software also offers solutions.

How does the claviscom DATA DRIVE work?

With the claviscom DATA DRIVE you can successfully protect your confidential files against espionage, at the same time the files can be encoded with the most modern encoding programs (Blowfish or AES) and discarted onto a data drive. The encoding and decoding result automatically in the background and without a noticeable delay. Through contrieved technologies is the simultaneous letter and harvest access of several users not a problem.

· Access authorization per password, certificate, chip card or USB-token.
· Local access or over the network.
· Permanent encoded transmission of files.
· Multi-user capable, simultaneous harvest and letter access of several users.
· Emergency decoding through the use of certificates or the use of a Secure IDs.
· Generation of encoded CDs and DVDs.

The claviscom DATA DRIVE integrates itself in the MS file explorer completely and is indicated there are an independent drive. At the same time the general functions of the file explorer are supported, for example copying, pasting, and opening files. The files are stored in the data hard disk and are always encoded (Blowfish- 448 Bit/AES-256 Bit), without that the user must carry out an additional operation.

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