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ArcMaster 3 -
the program to backup
and archive your data!

The regular use of ArcMaster frees you from the risk of data loss because of hard-disc damages, undesigned deletions or other errors. With ArcMaster, you back up your files on another hard-disc or another computer within your network - with a simple mouse click.

In backup projects you set up exactly which files out of which directories you wish to secure. After this, the backup itself will be performed with a single mouse click. The revcovery of your files is much that easy: The Restore function copies your files to the original directories from where they have been secured.

These properties may be defined in a project:

- Source directories (location of your original files)
- Include subdirectories?
- All files, or selected by wildcards?
- All files, or just new and altered files?

You may define as many wildcards as you wish, and with it define complex definitions, such as:

'Back up all Word files from directories "accounting" and "resubmissions", including subdirectories. Only back up files with filenames containing the terms "turnover" and "digitron". Back up new and altered files only.'

To set up a query like this, you do not need programming or database skills at all. With a few mouse clicks you assemble all necessary elements and save them under a project name of your choice. With a single mouse-click you start the backup or restore process.

Quick, easy, safe!

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