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If you often search html-sequences in your site
code and replace it to another sequences, if you often change the site design or
the site content, if you want to have different languages versions of your site, then
you must take note of this program. This program will lighten your site creation
and further modification.
program is html-editor and it uses atypical way of the
site creation. It also has functions of the content manager. The most of the
html-editors use two different traditional ways.
Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver use the way
of the visual website creation. User can not to know all html-language
details for the website creation. The lack of this way is non effective
html-code. Therefore the pages are loading very slowly and website visitors can
leave such pages before the page will be loaded.
Another group of the html-editors, for example Allaire
HomeSite, CuteHTML, offers you to edit a pages code directly. Usually they have
some abilities to quick input of basic html-constructions. The main lack of this
way is a lot of time needed for the website creation.
The common lack of the both methods is the difficulty of
the further website modification. It especially noticeably when you want to
change design of the website.

The main purpose of this program is to make easier
the modification of the website content and design. Now you can split content
and design of your site and you can change they independently. To separate design
you can describe a set of the templates. The templates will be filled by the
content during website generation. You can use all known for you html-constructions
including CSS, JavaScript, etc. because you will work directly with
a code. At the same time you can reduce website creation time by using specific templates
for your site(for example a button, a links panel, etc.)
In contrast to the SSI, PHP this program generates the prepared html-pages.

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