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Smart Fat Recovery Thumbnail
Smart Fat Recovery 3.9
Smart FAT Recovery is a data recovery tool for Windows operating system that supports the FAT file system. The software easily recovers data from hard disks, digital cameras, and any type of...
Download Smart Fat Recovery 3.9More info about Smart Fat Recovery 3.9
123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection Thumbnail
123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection 3.1
123 FREE Memory Card Games 2003 is a collection of five great Memory games: Ace-To-King, Concentration, Forget-Me-Not, Memory-Up (6x4) and Memory Up (8x5). 123 FREE Memory Card Games 2003 features...
Download 123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection 3.1More info about 123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection 3.1
PtiMemo Thumbnail
PtiMemo 0.9
PtiMemo let you stick contextual Post-its on various applications. You can stick post-its on the desktop, Word or Acrobat documents, or on webpages. It does not change the original content of the...
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Color eidetic Thumbnail
Color eidetic 1
This game draw colur box and you memorize (try to use eidetic memory) them. Sounds easy? Well think again! Statistics module will show your progress in gaining of the new method of memorizing,...
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Memory Washer Thumbnail
Memory Washer 7.1.0
Is your computer dragging along? Running sluggishly? Do web pages take forever to load or look funny when they do, if they load at all? Do you spend half your time hoping your computer won't crash...
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My Little Memory Game Thumbnail
My Little Memory Game 1.0
My Little Memory Game is a simple free memory game with 3 levels. For ages 4-10.
Download My Little Memory Game 1.0More info about My Little Memory Game 1.0
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer Thumbnail
WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5.0
Cleans, optimizes and frees your computer's memory. Memory is vital to the performance of your computer and that is why this software can help boost your system's performance. WinCleaner Memory...
Download WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5.0More info about WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5.0
Free PC Memory Shield Thumbnail
Free PC Memory Shield v6.0.1
PC Memory Shield is an advance software tool which protects your system from unwanted software which startup without your knowledge. PC Memory Shield has been designed to give maximum security to...
Download Free PC Memory Shield v6.0.1More info about Free PC Memory Shield v6.0.1
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SyncNotes 1.3
The SyncNotes System consists of a desktop software that allows you to put up virtual sticky notes on your screen, a web based system that synchronizes all notes from your PC(s) and a WAP based...
Download SyncNotes 1.3More info about SyncNotes 1.3
Process Hacker Thumbnail
Process Hacker
Process Hacker is a process viewer and memory editor with unique features such as a Regex memory searcher, a PE file reader and a disassembler. It can show services, processes and their threads,...
Download Process Hacker info about Process Hacker
LiveFreeRam Thumbnail
LiveFreeRam 1
LiveFreeRam 1.0 is a one-time click FREE RAM memory reporting tool which actually displays the amount/percent of free RAM memory in real-time, in a tiny window with on-top properties.
Download LiveFreeRam 1More info about LiveFreeRam 1
Digits chains Thumbnail
Digits chains 1
Try memorize and improve memory. Try to memorize the digits chain and improve your memory.
Download Digits chains 1More info about Digits chains 1
WinBin2Iso Thumbnail
WinBin2Iso 1.64
This small program converts BIN CD images to ISO images. Files over 2GB are also no problem. When it comes to a quick convert, is exactly the WinBin2Iso conversion tool that you need.
Download WinBin2Iso 1.64More info about WinBin2Iso 1.64
Memory visual Thumbnail
Memory visual 9
Visusal memory training. Find all pair of picture. This game develop your visual memory. Develop visual, sound and logic memory. Find all pictures as fast as you can. Play and fun this free...
Download Memory visual 9More info about Memory visual 9
Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game (XP) Thumbnail
Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game (XP) 6.02
Play online or download our free java games to test your memory (more than 82 free games online). Play alone or try our multiplayer games (against children, the computer...) Compete with other...
Download Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game (XP) 6.02More info about Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game (XP) 6.02
Mnemonic and speed Thumbnail
Mnemonic and speed 1.1
Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. You needn't practice sophisticate exercises; it is just enough to study this training.
Download Mnemonic and speed 1.1More info about Mnemonic and speed 1.1
Blue FreeRAM Thumbnail
Blue FreeRAM 2.0
Blue FreeRAM is 32-bit win95/98/NT/2000/XP freeware program that defragments and reclaims memory from the operating system and applications. This decreases load time and boosts application...
Download Blue FreeRAM 2.0More info about Blue FreeRAM 2.0
BySoft FreeRAM Thumbnail
BySoft FreeRAM
BySoft FreeRAM 4.0 is 32-bit win95/98/NT/2000/XP freeware program that defragments and reclaims memory from the operating system and applications. This decreases load time and boosts application...
Download BySoft FreeRAM info about BySoft FreeRAM
Extra RAM Thumbnail
Extra RAM 1.6
Extra RAM instantly free up pc memory when your system need it. It designed to run and works automatically in the background, a set-and-forget software that will automatically optimize memory as...
Download Extra RAM 1.6More info about Extra RAM 1.6
DiskBench Thumbnail
DiskBench 2.0.4
Disk Utility to test Internal Memory and Memory Card speed of Nokia Communicator.Requires OPL to run. Freeware.
Download DiskBench 2.0.4More info about DiskBench 2.0.4

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